About Kobalt


We develop lasting relationships with our clients through trusting, caring, confident thought-leadership and marketing innovation, built upon a passion for helping businesses and people thrive.

“We Are Not Just Marketers,
We Are Business Growth Specialists”

At Kobalt Media we are committed to your success by delivering compelling, creative, and engaging digital marketing strategies, aligned with your business goals. Our solutions are customized to enhance key value, profit, and people differentiators and to ensure every customer touchpoint with your brand is a positive, exciting experience.

Our solutions engage a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technologies designed to produce strategic and effective Digital Ecosystem presence and deliver measurable results.

Why Kobalt


On time, on budget, no excuses



We know how effective marketing can grow your business



Trackable and Repeatable



You are not just a client. We are in business to innovate and make a difference together



We help define, explore, and engage your “Why, What and How”



When YOU Succeed, We Succeed! Let’s Explore How We Might Serve You

PIERS 360™ Branding

Pursuant to all marketing strategies and operations, we at Kobalt Media utilize our proprietary PIERS evaluation system for customized Brand evaluation/strategy and expanding marketplace presence

Positioning – Presence (or Rank) in your markets

Identity – Awareness in your markets

Experience – Confidence in your markets

Reputation – Relationship to your markets (Brand Loyalty)

Solutions – Products & Services “What we solve in our markets”

Core Values

Resiliency (Deliver solutions that work and inspire brand advocacy) • Innovation (Creativity and Tech-savvy)

ROL = ROI (Return on Life) Lifetime impact. Make a difference.

Thought-Leadership (Marketing Solutions aligned with Business objectives)

Liberty (Freedom to pursue passion and calling in life)

Kobalt Media Corporate Principles

Why We Are In Business

  • To be recognized as a leader in providing the most innovative, engaging, custom branding, marketing and creative solutions for our customers seeking to be transforming influences in the faith, family and freedom marketplaces.
  • To be a transforming influence in the success and growth of the people and businesses we serve, employ, and partner with.
  • To influence the lives of our employees and the businesses we touch through our commitment to Christ-centered best-practices and culture.

How We Do It:

  • We care about our clients, their success, their vision and mission—because they matter!
  • Conduct ourselves in all areas of business and life that reflects our commitment to and faith in Jesus Christ according to His Word and direction for our lives and purpose for our business.
  • Constant innovation and expansion of our agency portfolio to consistently produce and deliver unique, industry-advancing marketing tools, technologies and solutions that improve the capabilities and bottom-line results for our customers.
  • Securing new business and retaining existing clients centered on building relationships, exceptional customer service, and consistently delivering the best marketing and business growth products and solutions in the marketplace.
  • Hire the most qualified, self-motivated people with vision for innovation and growth, contribute to team-centric culture, and possess a transparent and collaborative work ethic.

What We Do

  • We’re more than marketers—We’re business growth specialists.
  • Provide C-Level marketing and customer engagement strategies and thought-leadership.
  • Ensure each customer touchpoint with our clients’ brand, products and services is a positive, engaging experience—seeking to promote brand advocacy for our customers.
  • Build relationships with existing and prospective customers to exceed expectations for digital marketing and brand awareness that are vital to their business.
  • Celebrate people, progress, and prosperity together!

Come Work with Us.

Interested in having our team work on your next project? Talk to one of our experts and learn more about how we can get your technology ready for whatever the future has in store.